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  5. "SubIvmo', SaqopnIS."

"SubIvmo', SaqopnIS."

Translation:Because you break rules, I need to arrest you.

February 7, 2020



Does bIv specifically have to be break rules (plural)? It can't be the breaking of just one rule?


The given definition is break (rules). The parentheses are generally used to disambiguate the sense of the translation (it doesn't mean break as in breaking something open), not to indicate the grammar of the Klingon word. So bIv can be used in reference to one rule or a set.

chut wa' DabIvpu' You've broken rule number one.
Hoch chut DabIvpu' You've broken every rule.
Hoch chutmey DabIvpu' You've broken all the rules.
bIpabbe'chugh bIbIv If you do not follow the rules, you break them.

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