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I am getting so frustrated I am thinking of quitting.

I can't seem to catch tenses and conjugation. Just when I think I have it, I move into a new lesson/subject and have to try to understand the new tenses/person/singular/and conjugation. And I keep losing my streaks (side note) It's so frustrating...Latin may be too much for me...

February 7, 2020



Just hang in there. I would suggest getting some kind of textbook as well. Duolingo is great, but sometimes doesn't give as much as you want. Don't quit.


First of all, if you haven't read through the Tips and Notes (conveniently labeled "Tips"), definitely do that. (You may need to use Web version to do so.)

Person is easy. Who's doing the action? I am, or we are? First person. You are? Second person. Anyone else? Third person.

Tense is when the action takes place. Present tense means it's happening now, future tense means it hasn't happened yet, past tense means it already happened. Imperfect tense means it was happening but has since stopped.

Conjugation is likewise simple. See below ...

Person Singular Plural
1st -o -mus
2nd -s -tis
3rd -t -nt

Sometimes 1st person singular will take an -m ending, like the subjunctive Velim (I would like), but you'll only see as much in tenses other than present (most of which aren't even covered in the course).

Let me know if you'd like some exercises to practice with; I've got a list (all present tense) made up for that. :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


I very much appreciate your assistance. Anything you can pass my way to help, I will be very thankful for!



This is a list I put together to help my mom learn the present-tense endings for the first two declensions. The course at present covers all five declensions, but this should still help you grasp the basics on how the endings work. (For simplicity, the Latin pronouns have been left off.) Hope it helps! :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Latin is tough, hard to practice with native speakers, but try supplementing your studies with something else other than Duolingo to figure out where you're getting stuck


This is more of encouragement than help. Latin is complex but it is also rewarding if you learn it. And you can feel smarter than a majority of people if you know some of it. I struggled with Latin A LOT and I was almost failing but I eventually got it and just kept practicing whenever I could. You got this. <3


If you are floundering don't try new lessons right now, as that will only add more things to be confused about! Understand how the verbs work first--read the explanations people have given here, reread the Tips and Notes, ask questions on the forum about anything that is still not clear.

When you gain a better grasp of what is being taught, try practicing those skills you've already studied on your duome page. Use the dumbbell links on the right or click on the lesson names.

When you've understood how the verbs work and they are easy for you, then continue on.

For as far as Duolingo's course goes, the Latin verbs are no more difficult than Spanish verbs, which are generally considered to be quite easy, so don't let them phase you. Just make sure you understand what you have studied, and practice it before you proceed.


Thank you so much! I did not even know I have a duome page! You have NO idea how much i appreciate your advice and will use it to help me get more grounded before I start even one more lesson! Thank you, and thank you again!


:) You're welcome.

IMHO the Duolingo Latin course is a very good introduction to the language. If you run into more questions or would like suggestions after the end of the course, don't hesitate to ask. Latin is a marvelous language. Enjoy yourself!


Lol thats me. That's why I'm trying to learn Chinese now. It's a tad bit simpler, but it's still challenging


Chinese is simpler to learn than Latin??


The grammar's a breeze. No genders, declension, or conjugations. Learning characters gets exponentially easier over time, and actually pronunciation is quite simple, at least for Mandarin.


sort of? IDK. In Chinese, you just have to remember what goes where when, and I guess it's slightly simpler.


I have a hard time with that too. Knowing all of the words is hard. I am taking latin for school and on duolingo though. Keep on trying!! It will get better!! Buy some streak freezes!!


I am grateful for your encouragement. Thank you. Understanding Latin parts of speech with my American English brain is where I think I am having the problem. I have found a website that may be helpful in the mechanics of Latin, matching up parts of speech, declensions, noun cases and such. I feel like I need to learn English all over so that I can learn Latin properly! LOL! I am willing to keep trying, but I clearly understand that if I cannot get this part down, there is no point in continuing.

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