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  5. "You are tired."

"You are tired."

Translation:Tha thu sgìth.

February 7, 2020



I am aware there are different forms of the word "you"( thu, sibh, leibh, etc). Does it matter which one I use when referring to emotion, or feeling, or is it still directly related to whom I'm speaking?


It is directly related to who it is you are speaking to. Thu is singular / familiar, sibh is formal / plural. Leibh, by the way, is prepositional pronoun (preposition + pronoun all in one). In this case between 'le' and 'sibh'. The informal form would be 'leat' (le + thu).


I use tha thu sgìth if I am referring to you as singular? And tha tha sibh if it is plural?


That's right. Always use sibh for plural, and use it if it's singular AND formal - I would use sibh with a stranger, for example, or for a shop worker. Use thu if it's singular and informal, like a friend or kid.

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