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I feel so stupid!

I love, love, love Duolingo. I love the instant feedback (and video game feel). I love how the vocabulary is drilled in my brain. I love how it includes opportunities for me to speak, not just type. I love how it makes we want to keep going and going! (In fact, when the iPhone app comes out, I think I may never stop doing it. LOL)

HOWEVER--whenever I try and do translations, I FEEL SO STUPID. Why can't they incorporate the vocabulary from the things that need to be translated into my daily lessons?


August 2, 2012



I always thought the power of the translations (for the learner) was that you get to learn new words. You see new words in among words you learn from the lessons, so you learn them in real world contexts.

Did you know you can hover over any word to see possible translations? That is all I do, I hover over a lot of words, and sometimes I construct the longer sentences on paper, trying different word combinations where I am unsure.

Don't worry about feeling stupid, it is so very rewarding when you "decode" the puzzle of the sentence and you just know you got it, that you understood it in the end!


I'm just like you. Lessons and translation are two different worlds.


Thanks, Nathan! I did NOT know you could hover over the words. That's going to make it much easier!!!


Great! I am glad I could help!

You can also do it in most of the tests, which is good when you know almost the entire sentence, but one or two words stump you :)

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