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Travelling without an internet connection

Next month I'm going travelling and trekking, I want to keep my streak up. Is there any way to do this without an internet connection?

February 7, 2020



You could have a trusted friend back home to log into your account and buy a streak freeze for you. Hope this helps :D


I did that, but he only had to log in for one week to keep buying additional streak days. It's a truly good friend who will do that for a length of time. Since I have over 700 lingots, I wish Duo would let me buy a week of missed streak days.


you can't get data there?


International data is very expensive. Also, at lots of remote US locations (like I found in Yosemite), there is no cell service.


You could get Duolingo Plus for a month.


I didn't think Duolingo Plus allowed you to miss lessons to maintain your streak. I know you can download lessons , but when would they be added to your streak?

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