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About Me bug fix


Thanks to you all for your patience and help re: the bug we had with the About Me skill. I'm pretty certain we've managed to fix the problem now, but if there is anyone still having trouble getting into the skill, please let us know! :)

February 7, 2020



Thank you very much. Although I had completed the topic before the bug appeared, it was showing up as "broken" for me, and no amount of doing practice lessons would fix it. I just did another practice lesson and it's showing as repaired, so that suggests your fix is working.

[deactivated user]

    Mòran taing!


    Most of the audio is missing in the first lesson at level 4/5 in the About Me topic in the browser (Safari on Mac OS X 12.6); it is there in the app.


    Hey, just had a look and all the audio is there. Will have a play through it later on to see if it was a bug at your end or if it's a wider issue. Thanks!

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