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"Bidh iad a' cluiche ball-coise air an tràigh."

Translation:They play football on the beach.

February 7, 2020



Should this not be "they WILL play..." ?


It could be either depending on the context. The grammar notes go into a bit of detail. Basically "bidh" can be used for future actions and things that happen regularly in the present tense.

Bidh mi ag ithe guga - I will be eating salted gannet OR I eat salted gannet


Given that it could mean either 'I will be' or 'I eat', I'm guessing context would advise which is correct?


they are playing, too present tense?


They are playing would be "tha iad a' cluich", meaning that they're playing right now. "Bidh iad a' cluich" means that they play regularly. (Used this way, the tense is called the habitual present).

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