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Aloha kakou! I'm looking for friends!

Aloha kakou!

I'm looking to add friends that are also learning Hawaiian!

Mahalo kakou! Malama pono braddah!

February 7, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I'm learning Hawaiian!


    Whoo Hooo. Maikaʻi


    I'm learning Hawaiian!! It is a beautiful language! I love it, though I'm not very far into it...


    I am also learning hawaiian!! :)


    Why are you learning Hawaiian? What was your motivation?


    I'm hoping to relocate to Hawai'i in my near future. I feel like it is appropriate to learn and appreciate Hawaiian language and culture before moving. Keeping the Hawaiian language as a spoken language is an integral aspect of the culture, as all cultures. Hawaiian is an endangered language and the only way to change that tide is through using it. I think planning on living in a stolen paradise the very least I could do is learn the language we tried to stomp out.

    I hope I can become knowledgeable to share information to others as well. Maybe change some minds. I try to obtain knowledge to help teach my children. I hope to have them to be able to reflect and understand we are not infallible or perfect as Americans. It is important understand have walked over the lives and souls of so many on this vapid quest for wealth. These stories are what hopefully will keep these cultural genocides from taking place again. Our American way isn't the only way and it may not even be the most kind or wisest way.


    I'm an English/Spanish-speaking ukulele playing Filipino-American learning Hawaiian/Japanese.


    I think you are learning a little more than just hawaiian and Japanese


    I'm learning Hawaiian as well. :)


    Aloha mai e Matthew. Welina Pehea oe? Matthew sign up for the Hawaiian class to learn alittle more. The hosts are great. They are friendly and very patient. Most importantly have fun

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