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Gaelic stories please!

I am enjoying working through the stories in French and wonder if/when stories will be available in Gaelic too?

February 7, 2020



Possibly a small problem there. I did a few of the stories in German, and they were fun. Just to see, I looked at the French ones, and did the first one. It was exactly the same story as the first German one, just in French. So I already knew that the woman was tired and put salt in her coffee instead of sugar before it even got there in French. And they seem to be the same all the way down.

I suspect that the stories only work for the first language you do them in.


All the stories are the same, and as far as I'm aware, are only available for in-house languages.


Obh, obh, spoiler alert ;o)


For me it would be the first story so I would enjoy it. But I see your point. Unfortunately I think the chances for Gaelic storys are very low. Gaelic is the least learned language in Duo... :/ (wich is crazy, because there are more High Valyrian learners and that language doesn't exist.)


Looks like there might be a long wait for stories, especially as the priority is to keep extending the basic course. In the meantime, as I said on another thread, there are a mere 768 stories available here, complete with transcription, translation and excellent audio:


The level is B1, so quite a bit higher than the current DL, but they are in real Gaelic about real subjects.


I've seen these, but they're way above my current standard. The Duolingo stories are very simple and they keep stopping and asking you to answer a question that shows you have understood, for a couple of XP reward. It's just a different way of reinforcing the elementary vocabulary and grammar and the variety is quite fun. If you haven't seen what they're like, try doing one in a language you already have some familiarity with.


They have small videos there in the Beginners section as well. Not very complex and funny, but they may help to connect phrases to real life situations - plus there are different speakers. Look out for "Speaking our language".


Thanks. I think I saw some of that but I'll have another look.


Hey isn't The Gingerbread man an old Celtic story? Perhaps they could do it for all the Celtic languages.... it should be pretty easy but fun!...then it could get more adult and veer into Macbeth or something!


I would like to see the stories in Gaelic, as well! It doesn't matter to me if they are the same stories as are in the French lessons that I'm also taking. What matters to me is learning about the conversations, themselves. For example, a lot of people will write differently from how they actually speak. Sentence structure is taught in school for writing, but when people speak to each other, this same "etiquette" is not always used. The stories force you to listen for pronunciations and when repeated, are a good way for you to learn and practice the accents, which are also very important. So, yes, by all means. I would love to learn how to tell a story of how I added salt instead of sugar... in as many languages as I can. :)


I completely agree with you!! They should also put stories for Irish and Welsh. It could take a while though, for them to get the content.


Here is the first lesson in the Beginner's course on learngaelic.scot:


Every lesson (60 in all, from easy to hard) starts with a few words and phrases with practice, then does a short conversation with a vocabulary list and translation. The last step is a quiz. The 1st lesson is on the weather with six weather words. I find these work better on my laptop than my phone so I can see the extra information outside the "main screen".

It's not the same as the Duolingo stories, but it is nice practice and in the beginning it is at a similar level to where Duolingo is currently. (Sorry I can't get the path to show up here as a link.)


I found the early lessons a bit elementary, I think I need to skip further in. The trouble is, I may skip words or grammatical concepts that I haven't covered, so it's a two-edged sword.


You could start at a later lesson and work your way backwards until you find one that is challenging "enough" and then go forward from there. But you are right about missing words and grammar that are needed. That happens to me every time I look at a new book/method -- if I skip the first chapter it seems I always find that it contained something I don't know yet!


That's an idea. I was thinking of skimming forward and stopping if I saw something I didn't recognise, but I find that a bit boring. I've noticed that "Can Seo" seems to present material in much the same order as Duolingo, or at least for the first few lessons, it may diverge later.


In the meantime, you can read An Litir Bheag from Radio nan Gàidheal. LearnGaelic has text transcripts and translations as well as the original audio. https://learngaelic.scot/litirbheag/?


Agree! Passed them all in Spanish (funny, interesting, with surprising ending) and some in German. It's not a problem if we already know what the story is about. It's a perfect listening comprehension practice (in PC version you don't see the text, until you click on it in case you need this tip!) and it's a perfect and self-sustained addition to a language course. Would be great to have this in Gaidhlig too! I would listen and listen and listen again!


There are for instance more stories in Spanish than in Portuguese. Spoiler alert.. the final ten part soap opera is really good.

Maybe we should redefine learners. People who never get more than 10 crowns should not be counted. That might change the count on high valyrian completely


There is always the Unofficial Duolingo Stories. The site is acceptable to Duolingo. I have helped with these, and I don't think it would be a problem to add some in Gaelic if anybody has some non copyright ones ready to go. Put it this way, I'm happy to help with this. The only problem might be the lack of a speech engine for Gaelic.

There are already some stories in Irish there.

This is the forum link where we're discussing some stories that I helped to translate from French to Italian.

Unofficial Duolingo Stories

Inns dhomh an urrainn dhomh cuideachadh

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