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Plus Freezing / unresponsive whilst downloading offline course.

I recently paid for doulingo plus primarily to download lessons that I can do while offline. I've experienced it taking a long time to download. Other times,like now the download simply freezes and whilst that is the case I am unable to do any lessons, even with stable WiFi connection. I've read that this can happen when connection to Internet isn't stable and that fits with my experience. What is really frustrating is doulingo choose to automatically update, thus causing the problem rather than letting me wait until I was using a WiFi connection before downloading. Attempts to pause or stop the download are useless as it is totally unresponsive. I'm pretty upset about this as I've just paid for 12 months plus and now it looks like I'll have to just delete the app. Can someone sort it out please?

February 7, 2020

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Report it here as a purchase problem.

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