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Certain pair in tapping test always wrong in Android app

This applies to Hindi (from English) and so for only to the Lessons 'Letters 3' and 'Letters 4. In these lessons some times there is a test that requires to tap the pairs. And sometimes there last remaining pair is always marked wrong, which blocks there user from advancing to the next question. Once this happens aborting the test session and starting over doesn't help: invariably the same combination comes up again and with the same problem. The only way to get rid of it, is doing that session level through the website. The there problem is gone for a long time. The problem comes back over time though, though not immediately and with a different pair. I have a screen shot but don't see an option to share it here

February 7, 2020



I'm having exactly the same problem. I sent a screenshot to a help centre email address weeks ago and haven't heard anything back. It's very frustrating. Does anyone know how to get a response? It seems impossible to progress once you reach this stage.

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