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"What?" translation

I'm taking a Latin class in school, and I'm taking this course on Duolingo so that I can get better grades. In school we learned "What is your name?" to be "Quod est tibi nomen?" (ignoring specific word order) but on the Duolingo course it's "Quid est tibi nomen?" In school she was teaching that "quid" is "what" for everything except the question "What is your name?", then it's "quod" So I'm confused, is it still okay to replace "quod" with "quid" and the other way around when asking "What is your name?"

February 7, 2020



Looking at explanations elsewhere, "quid" takes the place of a noun, "quod" the place of an adjective. English uses "what" for a noun, "what" or "which" for an adjective. Compare "what is your name" and "what/which name is yours".


Just to be clear, are you saying that "What is your name" should be "Quid est tibi nomen"?


"Quod tibi nomen est?" would sound more like "Which is your name?" than "What is your name?"


In The Exorcist, Father Karras asks the Devil, "Quod nomen mihi est?" That kept throwing me off during the lesson. Is it quod or quid for the name question?


It seems that a clear answer to that question is hard to come by. I'm going with quid.

[deactivated user]

    so qui quae quod is for relative clause

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