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"Lo scriverò su tutti i muri finché non avranno capito."

Translation:I will write it on every wall until they have understood.

April 30, 2013



Why is there a 'non' in here?


Non can be used with future events in a way that does not translate to English. (Non appena is another example) With finché the meaning actually changes slightly if non follows:

  • Non possiamo entrare finché non abbiamo la chiave/We cannot enter until we have the key
  • Finché lui ha la chiave non possiamo entrare/As long as he has the key we cannot enter


Thanks, this was helpful!


Thanks. This tense is very hard for me to finish. The sentence structures are so odd. - Anyway, thanks.


A possible translation of "finché" which might make more sense to English speakers when used in the "finché non" form is something I thought up: "as long as"

"We cannot enter as long as we do not have the keys"

Obviously, this does not work where "finché* is by itself, when it simply means "until".


In fact, "finché" always means "as long as", regardless if it is by itself or not. However, in the case of "finche non", its literal translation to English ("as long as not") is not idiomatic and it is better to translate it as "until" instead. Example:


  • Puoi dormire finché vuoi.
  • Translation: You can sleep as long as you want.

finche non

  • Ali ha abitato coi suoi zii finché non ha compiuto diciott'anni.
  • Literal translation: Ali lived with his aunt and uncle as long as he didn't complete eighteen.
  • Idiomatic translation: Ali lived with his aunt and uncle until he was eighteen.


How would one translate 'Puoi dormire finché non vuoi'?


"You can sleep until you want", which doesn't make sense.


Trucky! Finché non=until!


I think that in English we would use the present tense at the end of the sentence and say "I will write it on every wall until they understand"


"i will write it on all of the walls until they won't have understood" was accepted, I assume this is wrong though?


Finché non may be better translated as unless -but unfortunately not in every case.


"as long as" we do not have


What? "I will write THAT" wasn't accepted.


why non avranno = they have understood


It's not non avranno, it's 'finché non' avranno. 'until' they will have


'I will write about it on all the walls until they have understood' wasn't accepted...why?


Why isn't "I will write it on all the walls as long as they have not understood". Accepted


"I will write it on all the walls until they will have understood" now accepted

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