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Cheat Scripts exists and are ruining the Leaderboards

I just discovered that there are extension scripts added to the browser which makes people 'earn thousands of experience a day'. These scripts would ruin the weekly leaderboards and are totally unfair for those who grind xp to go to a higher league. Please fix these. I have a link to one such script.

February 8, 2020



The problem with reporting it is that too many people are doing it. Reporting users one by one is very inefficient, especially at higher league levels. For each user reported, there are another dozen that appear. The XP system is just plain broken, especially Stories and encourages spamming.

Also Duo has an achievement "Legendary" for winning Diamond, so they are encouraging people to do this to collect badges. Disabling leagues is sticking your head in the sand and pretending the problem doesn't exist.


The leagues doesn't make sense anyways. For some there are stories which gave a lot of XP in a short amount of time, the XP boost is only available for some, some can get bonus XP for doing a lesson and also the amount questions in one lesson is quite different. So just ignore the leagues an concentrate on learning!


Why would you ignore it when you can get kicked off the lead board after your hard work and time just because someone is cheating for no reason!


they one and only thing that can be done by duolingo staff is
shutting the leagues down.
no use for them, and they don't promote learning, so that's the only solution.


That's a damn shame!...peeps are losing focus on what this program is for and that is, learning a new language. I guess they are soooo competitive that cheating is the only way to make themselves better and ruin it for others


This is a shame because I've found the leagues to be motivating. I don't need to be #1, but I like staying in the game, and this increased my pace from about 50 points a day to 100.


WOW That really jacked up because I get on her every day and Grind for xp and these people are basically hacking the system! whats the point of being at the top If your not even doing anything to be up there. IT"S FOR LITERALLY NOTHING!


"Unfair for those who grind xp"

If ever there were a statement that exemplified the ways that leaderboards are bad for learning.

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