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  5. "Is toil leam Canada gu mòr."

"Is toil leam Canada gu mòr."

Translation:I like Canada a lot.

February 8, 2020



I thought she said caraid even after the 10th playing!In general, I find the older woman's recordings more challenging to understand. That's how it was when I was there, though. Some were easier than others to understand (speaking English). :)


I love this lady's voice / accent so much. It sounds the most authentic- just like my neighbour who grew up speaking it as a first language on one of the islands!


How is Canada pronounced? It sounded like caraid. How are the two words different or alike, please? Thanks!


I had the same issues as the first few posters above. I had to listen to the recording over and over again and I still couldn't figure it out. However, the more I listened to the elderly woman speak, the more I heard a distinct musicality to the way she speaks. Does anyone else think that there's sort of a tuneful quality to this language? At least that could make up for the atrocious spelling.

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