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Follow Friends without social media

How can I follow friends/be followed if I am not on Facebook? I feel so lonely here :-(

February 8, 2020



A whole bunch of people followed me so I followed them back, and I have no idea what effect that had on anything. (If you go to someone's profile there is a button that says, "follow". You click that and you're following them. I haven't a clue what that does except send them an email saying you're following them.)


Here is how it seems to work for me. I use the website on my laptop and not the app on my phone.

Duolingo isn’t really like facebook, but it has a few options for following.

If you are a student with a teacher who set up Duolingo for your class, under settings-progress sharing, you can join a classroom.

Otherwise, here are a few things you can do.

Under Settings - privacy settings check both boxes to make your profile public and enable the discussion forum.

If “make profile public” is checked, you will see a “League” box and a “Friends” box on your main page. In the “Friends” area there is a button to search if you know the name of the person who you want to follow. There is also a button to “find friends on facebook” if you have facebook set up.

Under Settings - Notifications – there are several boxes to check. For example, you can check to get an email when there is a post to a discussion you are following.

In specific discussion threads – choose to “follow discussion” on that page. Then on the main forum page choose the “followed” tab and you can see a shorter list of those forum discussions that you are following. You have to open each one and scroll down to see if anything has been added.

In the learn mode/tab, in the league box (which you see if your profile is public) you will see other users in the league in which Duolingo has placed you. If you click a user name, you will see that user’s profile. There is a “follow” button you can click. Then that person will show up in your “Friends” box

You can also get to a person's profile page by clicking their name in the discussion forum.

I generally keep both boxes under privacy unchecked – so that I don’t see the discussions or leagues most of the time. But I think that might mean people can’t “see” me either. It does help me stay focused just on the lessons. But it is fun to see people I know on Duolingo too. If you know someone’s Duolingo name you can also see how they are doing at this path:


You can see your own progress using the same path.

You can see some of the top scorers in Scottish Gaelic here:




great stuff, tapadh leat for the in-depth reply. I`m away to investigate...


I'm a bit confused about the leagues. Last week there was a guy close to me at the top of the Silver league. We were both in the promotion zone. Presumably we were both promoted. I certainly pitched up in Gold this week. No sign of the other guy anywhere.

And there aren't many people in a league, cosmically speaking. Far far fewer than 20% of the number of people using Duolingo, that's for sure. (There are five leagues.) I'm thinking there are many many leagues of each colour, and they just randomly allocate you to one of them at the start of the week. Or something.


I've no idea what these leagues are for. They don't motivate me and I don't feel any connection at all with the other members. Only our DISCUSS place here feels like a place of fellowship and connection.


Yes, I think so too.


Yeah, pretty sure you just get randomly grouped with people who did their first lesson of the period at the same time as you.


There's a neat round 50 people in a league so I think that must be it. It's a wee bit of an incentive though.


thanks for following me but i can't seem to follow you back, there is no follow button on your profile :/


I'll leave my profile "public" for a few days. Mostly I keep it "private" because I get rattled seeing how many more points other people are earning than me! And that makes it hard to just focus on learning SG which is why I'm really here. :) AJFJdb


It motivates some people and rattles others. At least it can be turned off.


tapadh leat I got you now


Me? There should be. A bunch of people already followed me.


i got you too, tapadh leat. it was AJF that didn´t have the follow option

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