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"Tha mi a' coiseachd ann am pàirc."

Translation:I am walking in a park.

February 8, 2020



Thank you very much for the umpteenth time you are explaining this. It is a real head ache for me too, to 'get it' and yet I do notice that 'it' is sinking in, slowly. Thanks for your patience!


No worries, I understand the struggle, it still sometimes gets me too. I learned Irish first (and still don’t really know Gaelic that much) and in Irish this preposition is just simple i (ins before article) so Scottish ann an was as confusing to me as it is to you at first. Thankfully for me the languages are similar enough that it is pretty easy for me to spot the differences and understand why things work in Gaelic the way they do most of the time.

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