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"Congratulations, Alasdair and Eilidh."

Translation:Mealaibh ur naidheachd, Alasdair agus Eilidh.

February 8, 2020



Wtf is with all these names, it's starting to piss me off. English is not my first language so learning Gaelic via English is already challenging enough without also having to pay attention to whether the sentence says Archie, Andrew or Alasdair.


The reason they are picking these names is so that you don't also have to worry about the vocative as much as you would for Seumas, Tormod or Domhnall


I agree. The exact spelling of the names in general seems unimportant. What should matter is the structure of the sentence and the vocabulary. Sure we need to understand differences between male/female but Iain and Una alone can help us do that. (I have similar feelings about place names, but that's for a different conversation).


I find trying to get the right answer and being marked wrong for little typos then makes me ''cheat' and look at the right answer .So I feel I am learning 'parrot fashion '


I found that when I write the answers, it impresses the word in my memory, enhancing both retained vocabulary and Gàidhlig spelling.


Meal do naidheachd for one person but Mealaibh ur naidheachd for more than one?


On mobile it doesn't show the second name so you have to guess who Alasdair is with!


As for pronunciation, the male voice pronounces naidheachd with a hard æ whereas the female voice pronounces it with an ai. Is it the dialect per speaker or did I miss something in regard to usage otherwise? I've also noticed a difference between speakers pronunciation of aice and aige--where both sound so similar and it's thrown me off selecting the correct answer for listening exercises.

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