Bugs :(

  • can't click on certain things, such as my German skills & subscriptions options

  • commenting on topics is hit or miss

  • makes me log on when I refresh page or just whenever it feels like it (also on/off problem)

  • I finished practicing one of my Italian skills but I don't think it went through (because of the above reason)

  • a bunch of other stuff I can't keep up with anymore

I'm using Safari & I think I saw someone post about a couple of similar things, so can these things be checked out & cleared up? It's hectic

Signing in with FB also caused some problems some how...

I'm on the family computer so I don't want to just jump to another browser & start problems within the house.

July 9, 2014


What browser/version are you using? Is your internet connection stable? Thanks!

Hey sorry you'll have to email me about this ( to continue. I had to do this through another computer since it became completely impossible to use through the other one now.

As far as I know it's Safari, I don't know any details beyond that if that's what you need. Connection is fine, it's literally only this site that turned into a total mess.

P.S. is there another way to get help here? Like an email or someone to contact at the bottom of the page if making/using topics is out of the question like right now? There REALLY should be.

Yes, there is a support tab to the left. Do you know what your OS X version is?

6.0.5 (7536.30.1)....if that's what your asking for.

And thanks! I see Support now, don't know how I missed it all this time. Everything looks like it's working much better so far as of now :)

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