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Is there a moderator/expert on Duolingo who can help me?

I am unable to move to the next level after beginner level. I have completed all five levels of all the categories in the beginner section and tried clicking on the checkpoint 1 but it is way advanced of anything covered in beginner section and all categories below it are greyed out. Am I required to pay money to move to the next level? Im confused.

Thank you

February 8, 2020



Hi Kathy862960,

Are you unable to complete the Checkpoint?


Am I required to pay money to move to the next level?

No, the checkpoint needs to be completed to open the grey lessons.



Ok I completed the checkpoint and it opened up new boxes. The checkpoint was not good. It contained words and phrases that were not covered in the beginner lessons. I had to copy some of the questions into google translate to work out what was being said. It was ridiculous. I am a teacher and I know enough to know that that is not a good teaching technique.

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