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  5. "Bu toil leam deasg ùr."

"Bu toil leam deasg ùr."

Translation:I would like a new desk.

February 8, 2020



Usually "a"/"an" articles, when left out, are accepted. Not here. Is there a reason?


What do you mean? an deasg ùr would mean the new desk, definite, specific desk. This sentence is about a new desk, indefinite one, which in Gaelic is just deasg ùr, without any articles.


I believe I wrote "I would like new desk" and it was marked as wrong.


That’s probably because English requires indefinite article before singular indefinite countable nouns. You’ll find a and an required in such cases in most if not all Duolingo courses. So always a cat, a new desk, a car, an apple, etc.

It can be omitted when it’s grammatical in English (with uncountable nouns, denoting substances, etc.): I want bread, I drink coffee, etc.

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