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Duo freezing up in Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6

I have checked for updates and rebooted my computer. My Safari is up to date. Duo works fine on my phone, but it keeps freezing up on my computer. (I try to play on the computer on the weekends because of the slightly different skills required.

Is anyone else having a similar problem, or does anyone know of a fix I might be missing? I'm playing in German. I haven't had time to try any other languages. because I've had to reboot too many times now.


February 8, 2020



... checked for updates and rebooted my computer .....
... Safari is up to date .....

Lots of people have already complained about this issue.

  • try the latest version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser

Some MAC- users are not able to update to the latest version of a browser due to their hardware:



so are you you using the latest versions of Safari V12 or 13?

Some background informations:


Quote: Duo freezing up

Welcome to the club!

Duolingo constantly freezes (high CPU load, new React JavaScript 2020 code not responding in time, blackscreens,etc. ) in the lessons on Firefox V52.9.0esr since the web changes in 2019 and requires a constant browser restart.

Disabling "Hardware acceleration" did not really help me.


I have checked for updates and rebooted my computer.

Is there any chance for you:

  • to upgrade or downgrade the graphic drivers
  • sound drivers

On Firefox (F12 / Ctrl + Shift + K) or Chrome (Ctrl + Shift + I as a user told me recently in another thread) you can open the web console in your browser and check for any red JavaScript errors or yellow warnings....if your browser recovers from the freeze a later time.


Quote: because I've had to reboot too many times now.

Just kill the browser process/thread instance.
Don't reboot your computer.

If your whole computer is locked/frozen or crashes it is more a serious problem with some drivers or conflicting updates vs vendor driver support.

The question also is if EVERY lesson freezes on the www.duolingo.com Duolingo website or if you can get through 1-2 or 3-4 lessons and only then the freeze / slow down happens.

How much processor time is being used by the Firefox or Chrome browser process (usually there are multiple processes in later versions)?

Does it use up to 90 or 100%?

I recognized that once my Firefox .exe process in hanging on Windows with at least 50-65% or ore that I badly need to kill it (after 3-4, better 1-2 lessons).


You can report those issues here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Make sure to include as many detail informations about your system, browsers and uses versions as possible.

It may also make sense to include details about installed drivers (graphic, sound).


same for me on a new iMac, latest safari; I might try chrome; iPhone is ok, but you can't really type fast on a phone, or switch keyboards very well. Infuriating when it freezes at the end of every lesson, then you have to quit and restart safari.

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