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"Nach robh a' chaora a' cadal?"

Translation:Wasn't the sheep sleeping?

February 8, 2020



How can you tell if you need weren't or wasn't in this sentence? What is the plural for sheep so you can tell as I was under the impression that Nach robh did not have a tense and applied as both wasn't and weren't.


The plural sheep are (na) caoirich. It’s English that is weird in that it has the singular = plural in this word, in Gaelic those are two different forms.

A’ chaora is singular, the one sheep. You never get lenition after the article in plural.

(Also you probably just mixed the terms, but nach robh definitely has tense information – it’s the past tense. But it does not inflect by number, here it’s the noun that gives number.)


Sorry not tense, I did mean plurality. Shouldn't try to ask complex questions when distracted. That helps Silmeth, thank you.


Why is it the sheep not a sheep?


Because it’s a’ chaora and not caora. The a’ is the feminine definite article the.

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