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  5. "Taigh-seinnse math."

"Taigh-seinnse math."

Translation:A good pub.

February 8, 2020



Pub = Chanting/singing house


I believe that in the phrase taigh-seinnse, seinnse comes from the English word change, with a change house having been, back in the days of horse-drawn travel, an inn where horses could be changed in order for a journey to continue with fresh ones. The Merriam-Webster dictionary says of Change house

Scottish : a small inn or alehouse

so it appears that the original meaning has broadened to include what we would now generally call a pub.


So rather the same idea as a coaching inn, back in the day? Fascinating


i was coming to ask about this, cause the translate i can find for 'seinnse' on it's own is "change" but only in the context of money. I took that to mean 'loose change', but would it mean change more in the sense of swapping, like horses or a currency exchange?


Tried "a good inn", but not accepted.


Why is "a good bar" not accepted? Bar was one of the meaning given in the tips.

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