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Maintaining steak when traveling.

Will be traveling and using my Spanish for real but might not have time or good wifi to practice daily or reload the one day steak freeze. Is there any way to freeze it for seven days so I don't have to worry?

February 8, 2020



My advise is to look around for a mobile freezer so you can carry your steak with.

And maybe to search for a mobile grill which is not so heavy.

But I expect that you will get into some trouble with weight limitations if you travel by airplane with a mobile grill.

Maybe you just have to leave your steak at home and enjoy going to a restaurant in your foreign city.

Sorry, couldn't resist making the joke.
I know what you mean.

Quote: Is there any way to freeze it for seven days so I don't have to worry?

You can buy it back with real $$ and the "streak repair" after you lost hit within the first 1-3 days (but not on the 4th day).

For seven days the only option is to rebuy the "streak freeze" each day if you still have a mobile data umts 3g/LTE plan on your mobile device (there are reports on the forums that this does not work that good on a regular basis)


to find a family member / trusty friend who is willingto complete 1-20XP each day while you are on vacation.

Thankfully I do not go on any vacations...and if I really have to drive 100-250km to a lake here in Germany I can either drive back in the evening (which almost killed my streak when I was at a friend's house) or use the available Internet at the other place.

Yes, some wifis are really bad / slow.

Also make sure to use a VPN tunnel and/or at least only to visit httpS websites with the right encryption settings.

If you visit any http (not https) website your submitted password is transmitted unencrypted and people on the same WLAN (either open or hacked) might be able to capture your username/password data which you sent over the line.


My wife and I had to deal with this concern just a few weeks ago on a trip we took to Cuba. Everything we had read about Cuba told of limited availability of WiFi and nothing for US mobile operators, although some carriers (not ours) might be starting to get limited access. Our solution was to set my mother-in-law up to check our accounts daily while we were away and purchase a streak freeze if we had used one up. As we are both Plus subscribers, we would do our skills offline as I could not in good conscience continue my streak if I really didn't do my lessons.

What we found on our trip was that WiFi, while still limited, is rapidly expanding in Cuba and we were able to get online and sync our our Duo lessons every day except for one. Some days we only had a few minutes to sync our activity, but it was enough. The one day we were unable to get online happened to be on a weekend where we were protected by weekend amulets and so my mother-in-law backup was not needed in the end.

One thing I would have liked is a way in Duo to be assured that my lessons had been synced to the Duo servers. It used to be in the android app that you would not get a daily chest in the app until activity was synced, but now that that function has been moved to the end of a lesson, I know of no other tells in the app to identify that the offline lessons had been synced. My solution during our trip was to use https://duome.eu/ to check our streak lengths after connecting to WiFi. If the streak reported on https://duome.eu/ matched the streak in our Duo apps then I knew our data was synced. I did find I had to close the tabs for duome.eu in my browser and reopen it to get the web page data refreshed, but other than that it worked well to determine that Duo had synced and my streak was continued.

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