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"My grandmothers died defending the Klingon Empire."

Translation:Hegh SoSnI'pu'wI' tlhIngan wo' luHubtaHvIS.

February 8, 2020



I answered "thlIngan wo' luHubtaHvIS, Hegh SoSnI'pu'wI'." What am I missing as far as the grammatical reason why the clauses have to be the other way around? Is it just to better reflect the order of the clauses in the English sentence?


Yes, exactly. In most real life situations, it probably wouldn't matter much which order you put the clauses in. Both English and Klingon allow you to use either order. For rhetorical reasons a speaker/writer might want to be specific in which clause they present first to the listener/reader. So sometimes the order matters and then it should be maintained during translation. In addition we want to try to break any habits of people translating the full sentences in reverse order, and so we do not allow users to put the clauses in reverse order unless a specific order is grammatically required.

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