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Please change completion percentage to the number of lessons in a skill on desktop.

I have recently moved from the app to the desktop because it is far better for actual learning but one thing that has been frustrating me is the display of completion percentages instead of how many lessons are in a skill.

The fact that practising a skill increases the percentage but doesn’t affect how many lessons are required to level up the skill is just misleading and has actually put me off of practising for the sake of being able to work how many lessons are in a skill. The words feature already shows you which words you need to practise and which words you are confident with and there is no need for extra things to tell you this.

Personally, for me, I feel that showing your genuine progress in the skill and not an estimate of your abilities is preferable since the majority of people know which things they need to work on and don’t need it calculated for them. Having the lessons per skill just let’s you easily keep track of your progress in the skill.

Update: They listened and actually changed it back :)

Updated update: For some reason they undid the change :(

February 9, 2020



I completely agree with this. I'd like it to show how many more lessons versus just a simple percentage :(


Third party website Duome still shows your amount of lessons in your personal progress page

To see your progress page for your other language courses:

  • switch to that course in Duolingo

  • refresh your webpage in Duome


Thanks, very useful


That is the coolest thing! I am a looong time (2012) Duo user and had no idea this exists! Thank you! Do you have any more tips for us?! :D


Completely agree. I was previously able to plan my learning round how many lessons were in each skill, especially as I tend to work on 2-3 skills at a time


sadly, it looks like all my skills only have 4 lessons per level, so its always 25-50-75-100.


I agree too.

More generally, I really don't get why there are so many differences between the apps and the web client, it's weird!


I don't have a preference, but they should pick one and use it for both the web and app. I use the web, even on the phone and also agree the % seem unclear and arbitrary.

Maybe there was a reason for one being used on one platform and not the other?

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