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"Tha Gàidhlig agam. Tha mi cho fileanta ri bàrd."

Translation:I have Gaelic. I am as fluent as a poet.

February 9, 2020



As i near the end of my first round through this course i would just like to thank all the course contributors. This has been a great way to connect with a lost part of my family's culture and has opened me to lots of music as well. I really appreciate all the hard work that everyone put into this course hopefully one day i will be fluent as a poet


This does not really make sense if you translate as poet. Bards were traditionally the keepers of oral lore, purveyors of news and maintainers of the language (specifically Gaelic in Scotland, or of course Welsh in Wales).

No one would ever say fluent as a poet as poets do not have a reputation for fluency and they may well not speak Gaelic but they could easily say fluent as a bard.


Should accept "I have Gaidhlig" as a translation into English.


'Gàidhlig' is not an English word though :)


That is what I would say, except that I would always say the accent: Gàidhlig.

But, for good or ill, the policy on this course is to use standard American English, rather than what is contextually or regionally appropriate. They often don't even accept standard Scottish English.

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