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[WIS] Weekly Incubator Summary: 2020, Week 06.

Use this script to always have direct access to the last WIS without having to look for it.

Duo changed elements of its design once again -> the script isn't anymore working at the moment.

Note: Data retrieved on 2020/02/09 at 09:12 (UTC).

I. Phase 1 Courses

I.A. Transfers

  • Exits (Courses entered by mistake, see here): Swedish from Turkish, Hindi from Bulgarian & Hindi from Gujarati.
  • Entries (Courses entering the Incubator): None.

I.B. Completion Summary

To enlarge the image: Right-click on it then select "Open in a new tab".

  • "(A)" indicates that this week's value is automatically generated using Duolingo's internal completion counts.
    "(A)" Note: It is not the official completion percentage published by Duolingo but an estimate with several corrections. See the first WIS for details about this corrected calculation.
  • "(S)" indicates that this week's value is self-reported by the team of volunteers working on the course.
  • "(Locked)" indicates that the volunteers have locked the structure of the course they have constructed, which transmits it to Duolingo for final processing.

Note: If the image isn't displayed (because you can't access images on imgur.com), please click here to see the image.

II. Latest News from Course Volunteers (All Phases)

Course "Finnish from English" (Phase 1)

By Zzzzz... on 2020/01/31 (full text here)

"Lupaus on velkaakin pahempi"

"A promise is even worse than a debt" - an old Finnish proverb

As you can see, we have chang...

Course "Norwegian (Bokmål) from English" (Phase 3)

By Deliciae on 2020/01/30 (full text here)

New Year, New Course


It's been a long time coming, and I'm thrilled to tell you that Tree 4 is now being ro...

III. Previous Weekly Incubator Summaries

See this index of WIS'.

February 9, 2020

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