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(Discussion) [WIS] Weekly Incubator Summary: 2020, Week 06

February 9, 2020



Wow, German from Dutch, what happened?! :D

I'm wondering if Finnish just added new words without the sentences being added yet or if changing the estimated publication date also factors into the degree of completion on the incubator.

Yiddish continues to make nice, steady progress and there's also little movement in English from Tamil and Bengali.


The course is almost ready! The percentage you see in the incubator is very close to 100%; all words we planned for the first version of the course have sentences. We put 90% in the WIS because we still have some work to do (mainly double-checking everything and some little things). Why the percentage went up so fast this week? A looot of real progress, but also because I am bad at estimating percentages, so I underestimated our progress in the past. :)


That sounds fantastic! All of you have been putting a lot of work into it, there was almost always nice progress to be seen, even before this jump. :)

I'm almost tempted to try the course when it emerges from the incubator, even though it would be the reverse course for me and I haven't started Dutch (and kind of have enough language learning to do anyway...) XD


I'll definitely use it as my "alternative" reverse tree.


Finnish most likely adds out words to make it as high-quality as possible. If possible it might become the best course offered on Duolingo even surpassing Norwegian.


Absolutely not! I have no doubt at all that the Finnish course will make the Norwegian course seem like a few hasty notes scrawled illegibly on the back of a napkin, and that upon effortlessly completing it, even the most dim-witted and comatose learner will be able easily to understand and recite the Kalevala in its entirety, backwards, whilst asleep, underwater and being whipped with bundles of birch twigs.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I was just on my way to withdraw my life savings to put them all into the Expectations of the Duolingo Finnish Course Futures Fund; assuredly a guaranteed method of making a fortune and ushering in a new era of post-scarcity global prosperity, as the Finnish course will doubtless exceed in its scope and greatness any limits that my feeble, non-Finnish imagination is capable of conceiving of.


It isn't dead, only doing zzzzz...


We can fund it with lingots, finally having a use for them.


I hope so, but let's not put too much pressure on the contributors. ;) I'm just looking forward to the opportunity to practice and improve my Finnish. If some of the grammar structures I'm not at all firm on (plural declinations, the uses of the infinitives and the participles) show up in the tree sooner or later, even better! :)


Hopefully we have Tamil or another Indian language added soon. Bengali, or a Dravidian language.... ^_^


Agreed. If only those languages teaching english-courses got done, we might have had them by now.


Why is the estimated release in 9999?


The course contributors say that they can't really predict when the course will be finished, so rather than making false promises, they prefer to use a really unrealistic date.



That’s keeping promises at its best!


Well at least we now know that those removed courses were for testing purposes. Maybe this is suggesting for an upcoming Bulgarian and Lithuanian course for English in the future? Hopefully.


A Bulgarian or Lithuanian course wold be very nice.


Guys, you can help us in a way by upvoting our Bulgarian course forum, we need to attract more attention: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/5115906 https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3576880 Thank you if you've already done it!


You can try https://www.bulgaro.io/ in the meanwhile.


Let's hope so, but from past experience, I'm not really expecting it.


What removed courses?


Norwegian for Lithuanian, Hindi for Bulgarian, Hindi for Gujarati, English for Danish and Swedish for Turkish.


Why did they remove them?


They were not really courses to develop, but were added just as some kind of test and removed after test was done


Yes, it was a forum gullibility test.

We failed.


I'm craving for lithuanian, the language of my mother's side. Please make it happen


Whatever happened to Tagalog to English? There has not been updates in two years. I'd be willing to lend a hand if need be.


Have you applied? And even if so, try again.


Nooo now i will have to wait even longer for Finnish i want to start learning Finnish before October 2020.


There Are Other Places To Learn Languages, If You Just Look Up "Learn Finnish" Or Something You Could Probably Find Some Way.


Or GeT sOmE bOoKs MaYbE


If you don't mind paying for an online course, try WordDive. :)


side note, they don't know when they'll finish making the course (definitely not dec 31 9999, though). it could be out in a few months or several, all we can do right now is be patient for it.

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