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  5. "You have a big head."

"You have a big head."

Translation:Tha ceann mòr ort.

February 9, 2020



Why is agad incorrect?


It's something like; 'agad' is something you have/ can hold in your hand etc. You can put it down. 'Ort' is something you have/ you are/ that's part of you. You cannot put it down ;)


From the tips https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd, ''Your head and your hair are on you Tha falt donn ort. - You have hair. Tha ceann mòr ort. - You have a big head. Using agam in this instance would imply that you have come into possession of a hair or a head! Using agam is perfectly normal with most other body parts though: Tha beul mòr agam! - I have a big mouth!''


I accidently put agad, I meant to put ort. I thought this would be wrong but it was marked correct. Is that sinply because the English can mean either varient of having a head? Or because agad can be used too to refer to someone's own head?


that's strange. i just used "agad" and it was marked incorrect... jan's comment above is good to know though.


Agad will be accepted here too :)

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