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Italian development

Hello, i am one of millions of duolingo users that are learning Italian, it is the 4th most popular language on the app. Why is it then that it hasn’t been properly updated in years? While French, Spanish, German and Portuguese have had stories and a podcast for a while and the same features are being developed for other languages there is still no mention for Italian. While languages like Polish have close to a dozen contributors Italian has only 2, why is this the case? I have read of people applying to contribute and there not being any response from duolingo. Please listen to the user base and give Italian some love!

February 9, 2020



italian isn't the only course that has this problem. the turkish tree (which I heard has no active mods) hasn't had mistakes fixed since several years ago. i know there's other ones as well, don't know how many have this issue


Italian is the only one of the original, in-house staff-created languages to have this problem. The rest of the courses are volunteer created by people who aren't duo employees. You would think that Italian would get the same level of treatment as the other staff created courses. There shouldn't be this level of neglect from paid staff.


Totally, and instead of accepting all the volunteer applications or just trying to do it themselves they are doing nothing except that book club that only about a dozen people participate in. Real shame, something must be done.


I agree with you on the volunteer applications, I volunteered as a contributor having a mother tongue level of Italian and teaching English at an Italian high school, but I got no response so far, except the automated standard reply.

For most of the other courses, there are 8 volunteer contributors, but for Italian there are only 5 so far. I guess they could need some help, as there is always plenty to do! :O)
Thank you by the way @Mukkapazza, @f.formica, @mmseiple, @DuoFaber and @marziotta for all the work you've done so far and continue to do! That must have taken looots of time to learn how to use the incubator programme and to insert all the translations, check the users' feedback, etc.! I'm grateful you people started the Italian from English project from scratch! Maybe now it's time to get you some help , if not from me, then from somebody else. :O)

What I am working on, with an experienced and competent colleague, is the translation of the stories into Italian on our own, hoping that this will facilitate an earlier activation. We're assisted by wonderful Lin daKanga, who is ever so helpful and professional.

So if there are any other proficient Italian-English people out there, who'd like to help us with the story translations, please come forward! That'll hopefully increase our chances of improving the Italian from English course soon. :O)


How did you get your text to go red


Although I obviously want more languages on Duolingo, I think the priority is to get all the languages to a higher standard, with more stories, podcasts, skills, lessons, and events. It seems Spanish is getting all the special treatment, along with French, German, and Portuguese. (I have nothing wrong with these languages though, as I’m learning some of them).

Even courses like Russian, Indonesian, Irish, Polish, Turkish, and Korean don’t have anything special. I do the German stories, and they really help with learning phrases and words.


As far as I'm aware, the book club is organized by a volunteer who is also one of the two existing course contributors. The other contributor is also a volunteer. I don't know what their activities and plans are. For all I know, it's possible that they're redesigning the Italian course. I do imagine that if they ever release a new version, many of the forum lizards will complain.


I'm very surprised that Italian doesn't have stories. It's been on Duo for so long. And as much as I love Portuguese (and understand its increasing speaker base) it is not studied as much as Italian. Other sites make it a priority language also. I hope you guys get more love.


Considering it is quite a popular language on Duolingo, it sucks that it doesn't get as much attention at the other romance languages.

The Italian course could be so much better! Look at Norwegian, it has 844k learners, and it is on its 4th Tree.

Italian has 5.32 million learners, and for some reason misses out on all the extra features? (Podcasts, Stories, etc) It's like the course contributors have just given up and decided not to make any updates, which is a shame.

I do hope Duolingo either hires some new staff or finds some more contributors so us learners can get some more/new content. I don't have my hopes up because it's been several years with no change already, but maybe if we keep talking about it, they will hear our voices


Actually, Italian isn't the 4th most popular language, Japanese is. I do understand your problem, this mistake just bothered me for some reason.



(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง


Bravoooo/aaaa! Nel frattempo we all pull together with excellent teaching from our madrelingua and happy learning with our Bookclub. Tanti auguri ;-)


For what level is this book club? I am still quite early in the tree.


Hi. It is probably early Intermediate, definitely a step up from Beginners. Our latest book is easier than the previous Camilleri, however. I use ebooks which provide helpful translations. You can always join in the Discussions and see how you feel. Everybody is welcome to visit, even just to check it out. It certainly is a good way to learn. Ciao :-)


Any hints about where to find this book club?


Hi. In the Italian forum 'The Italian Book Club' by mmseiple (with green circle).

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