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  5. "Tha mi ann an Dùn Dè."

"Tha mi ann an Dùn Dè."

Translation:I am in Dundee.

February 9, 2020



Dundee is the city I was born and grew up in


I listened loads of times and could not hear two distinct "an" sounds. Is "ann an" often pronounced together as "an"?


I can definitely hear "Ann an". It sounds like "ow-n an"


I think it should be read double. It’s possible to just say tha mi an Dùn Dè (as there is no definite article before Dùn Dè, an Dùn Dè can only mean in Dundee and thus an doesn’t need to be doubled), but that also would need to be written without doubling the preposition. If the speaker does say an Dùn Dè instead of ann an here, maybe that’s a mistake in recording?

See eg. this part of Akerbeltz ann an article:

And lastly, before place names an also shows up relatively frequently, as in bha iad an Glaschu "they were in Glasgow". Basically, an is sufficient because no potential confusion will arise from that sentence. You can not come up with a meaningful sentence putting an "their" or an "the" in front of Glaschu - without sounding weird or wrong.


I wrote an ann (because I heard it like that) and it marked it as right.. but now I realize it doesn't make any sense!


Is it just me or are there two different pronunciations of Dùn Dè? There was one that sounded like "dune jay" and one sounded like "dune gee" to me.

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