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I am bilingual..

..but this may not be the kind of celebratory post you could expect from that title ;)

My native language is Italian. But the only "from Italian" track here on Duolingo is English (wich i already speak). So, since i wanted to learn Spanish and German, i started these 2 as a "from English" user.

But i still want to get better at English. So i also got into the "English from Italian" track.

Now, this is my problem: to switch from my "from English" practice to my "from Italian" practice i am forced to access the preferences and change my user language wich is cumbersome.

How come i cant be a bilingual user and learn on the basis of both languages without having to switch my user preferences? Please Duolingo team..hear my cry!!

July 9, 2014




the same has been suggests a few times before, and the team said that they wanted to work on it. However, it is a small team and things often get back tracked when other issues come up. So it is not clear when this feature will be implemented…but the team knows of it, and other users (including me) agree that this would be a great feature. :-)

There was also a user script that allowed to switch more easily between languages, but I do not have the link at hand. Maybe search the discussion (this is a script written by a duoligno user, NOT duolingo itself, so it is at your own risk. I have tried it before and liked it though!)

Good luck

Best Franky


Thanks for the headsup. Hopefully they will implement a more organic way to integrate these different language groups.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds this annoying. Maybe Duolingo should consider expanding the team, since so many new features are being requested and the current team seem to have trouble keeping up with the work load.


I've got the same problem, and it seems the languages that appear on my profile appear by starting language. I'm learning Dutch and German via English, and Portuguese via Spanish. Dutch and German appear in the languages I'm learning only if I'm in English, and Portuguese appears only when I'm in Spanish. D::

It's a shame that a platform that's supposed to make you a polyglot can't handle polyglots!

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