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  5. "The fish are in the lake."

"The fish are in the lake."

Translation:Tha na h-èisg anns an loch.

February 9, 2020



It depends if you are talking singular or plural. In this case, iasg -common singular would be an t-iasg, common/dative plural would be na h-èisg (with slenderization, vowel changes from ia to èi).

Check out https://gaelicgrammar.org/~gaelic/mediawiki/index.php/Plural_Formation

Keep practicing, it gets better.


I get confused. When is "t-" used and when is "h-" used?


ME TOO! Its so confusing


Why do some plurals start with na h ?


na is the plural definite article the (compare how English uses that in singular but those in plural) – and it prepends h- before vowels.

So (some multiple) fish are èisg but the fish are na h-èisg.

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