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  5. "Feasgar math a thidseir."

"Feasgar math a thidseir."

Translation:Good afternoon, teacher.

February 9, 2020



I didn't get the correct pronunciation of "thidseir". Can someone describe for me, please?


HEECH-eth (but note, the "th" approximates a voiceless r)


['hi:tʃəɹ] - lenited form of tidseir.


What about the word 'neach-teagaisg'? Can I use it too? Is it a synonym or does it have another meaning?


When I get this as an audio exercise (write what you hear) it keeps not accepting my answer, thinking Im writing in english. Anybody else got that problem?


It happens, sometimes, when you write something that makes sense but it is not what you were supposed to write. Try and listen a few more times, and try to figure out alternative words to the strange sounds you are hearing, considering word order and the unit focus topic. Repeat. If you are still stuck, just write any string of characters that can get you out of there and read the solution, as you may have done...


Kjrqsdmmm jhñkpppppqurerioopp

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