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"Am bu toil leat cofaidh le bainne? Bu toil."

Translation:Would you like coffee with milk? Yes.

February 9, 2020



Bu toil - why wouldn't this translate as "I would"


In this context it would (well, there’s no I in bu toil, but that’s basically the idea, you repeat the verb of the question, literally: Would it be your will…? Would).

In my opinion I would should be accepted – as that’s the closest direct English equivalent of such answer, but yes is more natural translation and these sentences teach you how to answer yes/no in Gaelic.

I don’t see any reason not to accept more literal I would, I wouldn’t, etc. though – but maybe the contributors have their reasons.


yes, please is not accepted, although this is the only correct English answer. Yes is far too impolite.


"Bu toil, tapadh leat" seems polite. I doubt if it will be accepted either.


Does Gaelic have a word for "please"?


I always thought please was mase ur toil e but I'm likely wrong.


How would you answer no to this?

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