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Update on the Yiddish Course!

I'm proud to announce that the Yiddish for English speakers course is a little over halfway there! We currently have four active contributors representing the three major dialects adding words and sentences at an amazing clip. We hope to have the course ready by the end of the year! Thank you all for keeping up your level of enthusiasm for the course as we prepare it.

איך בין שטאָלץ מיט דעם װאָס די װאָס גרײטן צו דעם קורס פֿאַר ייִדיש פֿאַר ענגליש רעדערס האָבן שױן דערגאַנגען ביז מער פֿון אַ העלפֿט! מיר האָבן איצט פֿיר מיטאַרבעטערס װאָס רעפּרעזענטירן די דרײַ הױפּט דיאַלעקטן װאָס זײ געבן צו װערטער און זאַצן אומגלײבלעך גיך. מיר האָפֿן אַז דער קורס װעט זײַן גרײט ביזן סוף־יאָר! אַ דאַנק אײַך אַלע װאָס איר האַלט אױף אײַער התלהבֿות פֿאַרן קורס בשעת מיר גרײטן עס צו.

February 9, 2020



Thank you!!! Yiddish was the language of my mother's childhood-- I speak none. Looking forward to learning.


Same here - maternal line is from Lithuania. No one has spoken Yiddish in my home (other than the occassional oy vay etc) for 30 years now. My mother's bobba ONLY spoke Yiddish, and that was really where it started to die for us.


oy vey, so many languages to learn, so little time


A dank! Yiddish is the course I'm most looking forward to. Can't wait for this release!


Same here! I started learning Yiddish from this book I got not too long ago... It didn't work out;) If Duolingo adds Yiddish, I would be super happy!


Yiddish was the language of my childhood and these are truly exciting news. Great work of contributors!!!


WOW ! Wonderful news ! (I was given up Duolingo doing anything about it).


For everyone on Duolingo that wants this course, I'm SO ELATED for all of you that you will be able to learn this language! This isn't one I wish to learn, however, for those that do I'm SOO VERY happy for you that you will have a course to learn it by the end of the year! :) Best wishes to all of you! :) To the contributors, Keep up the GREAT work! You have some eager beavers that wish to learn the language! :)


I Can't Wait! Well Actually I Can, Especially Because I Probably Won't Start It Until I Finish The Ones I'm Already Doing, And Likely Some Others As Well, But You Get The Point.


I'm really waiting for this course! I hope it'll be there one day.


I was wondering about the Yiddish poll about wich dialect. Have you settled on with the version yet?


Nope. We are still discussing it. Sorry!


Wonderful!! Very exciting news.


I'm super excited about this. Great work!

[deactivated user]

    Thank you for the update! This would be a wonderful development, and it would educate people on two of the major languages spoken by the Jewish community.


    Yes! I know a few people personally who will use this course!


    Thanks for all your hard work.


    I'm looking forward to it!


    I'm so looking forward to this course! Yiddish was my grandfather's native language - he was born in a small village in southwestern Ukraine under the Tsar.

    Just curious, what will be the flag icon for this course?


    There is no flag set yet. It is indeed an interesting question. We want something that all or most Yiddish speakers would feel represented by, but that is not religious (since not all Yiddish speakers are religious). Hence - the kippah suggested below is not under consideration. We would welcome suggestions!


    Maybe look at the Jewish flags of Prague? There is a yellow magen David on a red background that represented the Jewish quarter since the 13th century


    Interesting suggestion. The other criterion for the flag is that we don't want to look like we're representing all Jewish languages (which would exclude the dozens of other Judeo languages like Ladino and Judeo-Arabic and many others), so we're wary of just a Jewish star or menorah.


    We have some thoughts but we would love to hear what others think.


    Hip hip huwway!!!


    Thank you for all the hard work the Yiddish Team has put in!!! I am looking forward to see the final product and use it.


    I would love to know how this is going. I am very interested in learning the language of my family (culturally I am an Ashkenazi Jew). I love a great love for most languages though and am trying to work through my over enthusiasm by focusing mostly on Spanish for the time being. However Yiddish has been on my list of languages to learn for a long time.


    At the moment, we are expecting a launch sometime in the next 6 months!


    I'm really excited for the course. Sorry to pester you, but the current course status says an estimated completion date of December 1, 2021: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/yi/en/status

    I assume that's a typo or something?


    Now I find a new asstimation date: April 6, 2021. See you in the course


    I'm so excited about this happening. It's been such a long wait. I frankly found Duolingo while looking for place to study Yiddish. I've been refreshing my German in the meantime.


    Gut, a dank! Zayt gezunt!


    I studied Yiddish in university long ago. Can't wait to brush up on it. I think I still have a book with short stories somewhere. I must dig it out.


    That is amazing!! What you do has so much significance and will hopefully allow the language of our ancestors to never be forgotten!!


    I am looking forward to it!


    This is so exciting! Is there anything community members can do to be helpful? Thank you for the labor on this- I know many folks who want to learn Yiddish this way.


    Du hast a shayne punim. A gesunt an diner pupik!


    When will the course be available?


    I'm guessing the project is stalled again. :( There's been no update for a couple of months.

    Someday, b'ruch hashem.

    Meanwhile, anyone want to pester Rosetta Stone until they make a Yiddish course?


    It's absolutely not stalled! It's coming very soon!


    Do you have an astimation? I am so looking forward this course. Thanks


    Is there a way to get notified/e-mailed/whatever once it's launched?


    Tomorrow is the newest date


    when we could got the beta version?


    This is excellent news. I was thinking the other day your organization tries to teach dying languages, yet I see a fictional language like Klingon yet no Yiddish. Very important---pre-WWII something like 85% of the world's jewish population were Yiddish speakers. Very important for many of us who are Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. Please keep us posted.


    i'm so excited, i've wanted to learn yiddish for a while now! i'm a native hebrew speaker so i can at least read so that's a plus for me hehe


    עבודה טובה, תודה רבה


    Ich möchte unbedingt dieser kurs ausprobieren


    How can I sign up to try the Yiddish course when it's ready for beta?


    Unless you know a contributor it will be very hard for you to get in the Alpha testing.


    I would love to give it a go - might even persuade my mother to join as she spoke Yiddish at home as a child.


    Thank you! I always wanted to learn Yiddish, and was hoping Duolingo would have a course


    Glad to hear it. I'm looking forward to taking it once it's ready to launch.


    Can't wait for the course to come out!


    If Yiddish is a combination of German, Aramiac and Slavic languages why are you going to use the hebrew alphabet?


    Yiddish, as most Jewish languages, is traditionally written using a modified Hebrew alphabet. It is not exactly the Hebrew alphabet - perhaps analog to how French, English, and Spanish all use the same latin alphabet but with slight modifications.


    I'm really enjoying the Yiddish Course. I love how thorough the alphabet training is. It is still in Beta, I was wondering if there was a place I could send constructive feedback? Its not much, really, it's just the font can get a little too small and I have trouble reading it.


    Hi, thanks for your feedback! The font issue is something that Duolingo is aware of and is working on. We hope they figure it out soon!


    My parents were Yiddish speakers. I have always loved the language. Recently I joined the Jewish Philharmonic(?) JCPP? who sings in Yiddish. I wanted to brush up and Binyamun who runs the JCPP brilliantly recommended this class. Enjoying it very much. <3 to All the Yiddish learners!


    Also my parents used to speak Yiddish, I hated the language as a young person. Few years back I had to take care of my mom in her last years, she was very confused (to say the least) and spoke different languages (withput knowing which one) among them was Yiddsh - the only one I didn't understood - not even one word. So I decided to to learn it so I can communicate with her, and I got caught up, I strated to really love the language. העברייש רעדט מען, אבער יידיש רעדט זיך אליין Hebrew (as an example to any other lanuage) - people speak it, but Yiddish speaks itself on its own.

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