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  5. "I am wanting one boat."

"I am wanting one boat."

Translation:Tha mi ag iarraidh aon bhàta.

February 10, 2020



Again. Bhata versus bata? When do i use Bhata


Okay, first it's 'bàta' not 'bata' (which would be a different word). As for the lenition, you use it whenever the grammar causes lenition. In this case, 'aon' always lenites the noun it is qualifying. ('bàta', a boat; 'aon bhàta', one boat)

Lenition itself is: any consonant except L,N,R adds an 'h' and changes sound.


Thank you. Now I understand


I'm so excited about this course. So much is coming back; I read this in English and the correct Gàidhlig was there without even thinking. :D

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