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  5. "Matres et patres sedent."

"Matres et patres sedent."

Translation:The mothers and the fathers sit.

February 10, 2020



mothers and fathers sit down ????


That would mean the act of 'going to sit', implying motion. Sitting is a position, and the mothers and fathers are already in that position. Therefore 'sit' is correct here.


When I went to my grandma's for Sunday tea, from my earliest memories, her circular table had room for five chairs at most. That meant grandma, her sister and brother-in- law, my mum and my dad. We two children could stand, sit on the horse-hair sofa or, as we preferred, on the floor near the fire. What was on offer was passed to us. Grandma sliced away at a new-baked loaf and mum spread the margarine and home-made jam. If you've ever sat on a horse-hair sofa with shorts or skirt and bare legs you will understand our preference for the floor - a tabbed rug with no strewn fish.


sedēre (present indicative active): sedeō, sedēs, sedet, sedēmus, sedētis, sedent


They have really run out of ideas now


Why are the subjects in accusitive form?


Wait theu are plural sorry

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