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  5. "مَطَر خَفيف"

"مَطَر خَفيف"

Translation:light rain

February 10, 2020



Duo lingo is great but the Arabic course needs more work 90% of it is alphabet practice and there is 0 typing or speaking. It's a little frustrating for someone who already knows the alphabet and writes but merely wishes to practice grammar and vocabulary. Hoping it expands soon. If people cannot read by this stage they need to do a separate course. English letters should be removed altogether by now. Please update this language. شكراً لك جزيلاً


I disagree. I think, in this respect, Duolingo is perfect. Surely you could have taken the test before beginning the course and started at a higher level? As a complete beginner, I'm very happy with it.


I partially agree with you. I don't think that the English should be removed. But the alphabet absolutely needs to be removed from a certain higher lesson. How is it that in picture 2 section there is still alphabet and sounding practice?


Rain is light or light rain. What is the difference?


i think when you say rain is light you are talking about a specific rain (the one that is raining right now) so in Arabic it would be المطر خفيف

While مطر خفيف means that you are talking about a light rain generally


in english "a light rain" should be more correct. In previous exercises, I was wrong because I forgot the article "a" :)


Light rain = Drizzle = رَذَاذٌ?


Une pluie lumineuse ?? Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer ce que ça veut dire en français ?


Aucune idée, selon moi ça peut, peut-être désigner un éclair, soit que la pluie et bonne et agréable, du genre lumineuse.


Enfaite j'ai dit n'importe quoi

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