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UAE Dialect Reference?


I've spent a lot of time on other platforms learning Arabic, and now here as well but always in standard Arabic.

Anyone with experience with UAE Dialect, could you give me some of the most common changes you are aware of in UAE, and some of the most commons words too that are unique to that dialect?


February 10, 2020



They always turn the letter ج to ي Example: in standard Arabic: جبل in UAE: يبل

they use this letter گ instead of the letter ق Example: SA: قبل UAE: گبل

also they use this letter چ instead of the letter ش Example: SA: شاي UAE: چاي



The Gulf countries (especially the GCC) speak the Khaleeji (Gulf dialect). Within the countries, I read on Wikipedia that a dialect continuum exists. For example, the UAE will again have an Emirati dialect of the Khaleeji. Saudi Arabia is a huge country, where the Najdi or Hejazi dialects are most spoken, with Khaleeji being used only along the border of Saudi that touches the Arabian Gulf.

This is what I gleaned from my readings about the dialects in the Gulf. I am also interested in speaking Emirati Arabic. This page should help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emirati_Dialect . At the end of the page, I am surprised and happy to learn that there is an English book too about learning the Emirati dialect.

However, the general Khaleeji should suffice as well. This book is amazing: https://www.amazon.ae/Colloquial-Arabic-Professor-Clive-Holes/dp/1138958123?source=ps-sl-shoppingads-lpcontext&psc=1 . It starts from scratch. The publishers also have books for other langauges, including Egyptian Arabic. Since it is a "Colloquial" series, it doesn't have a general "MSA" book like most others, it dives right into the dialect!

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