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"Bidh iad a' cluiche rugbaidh anns a' Chuimrigh."

Translation:They play rugby in Wales.

February 10, 2020



For "Bidh iad a' cluich.. " & "Tha iad a' cluich...", is one a statement concerning continuing general action and the other description of a current action? Because it seems as if both 'Tha' or 'Bidh' have almost the same meaning here.


Tha refers to current state, so tha iad a’ cluiche means they are playing, bidh refers to either future (will be) or a recurring habitual action (bidh iad a’ cluiche means they will be playing and they play).


So why is "they will be playing rugby in Wales " marked wrong?


If it’s not accepted then it might be that contributors missed this translation – but it’s not wrong.

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