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  5. "Cha toil leam biadh searbh."

"Cha toil leam biadh searbh."

Translation:I do not like sour food.

February 10, 2020



My gran would remark that an orange might taste "sharp" or, her pronunciation, "sherp", if it was sour - I wonder if this is possible another Gaelic word that has become adopted/adapted into Scots.


I don't think the use of sharp in this way is confined to Scots. The Cambridge Dictionary's entry for sharp includes "Sour in taste" among its meanings, giving "Lemons have a sharp taste" as an example of its usage.

It does however seem to be suggested in Reconstruction:Proto-Indo-European/swer- and Reconstruction:Proto-Germanic/swerdÄ… that searbh and sharp may be ultimately derived from the same origin.

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