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Toss a Coin to Your Witcher! trying to come up with a translation

One of my friends said, hey you should translate that song! and I said, Hey, I don't have the vocab or skills to do that!

But I thought maybe I could work out the title?

So I came up with: Tilg bonn do ùr fireann-buisleach

Witch is normally buidseach, but Am Faclair Beag had an alternate word, and I thought the different spelling would be good for a word that's meant to mean something not exactly a witch or sorcerer. And then since they usually form "witcher" in other languages by taking the witch term and making it male, I thought why not stick "fireann" on the front, since there doesn't seem to be an equivalent to putting "bana" on words to make them female that works the other way.

But I've probably broken a bunch of grammar rules I haven't learned yet. So how would you all translate the title?

February 10, 2020



Wicca (m) and wicce (f) are the Old English terms for witch. Witcher is wicca, not a reinvention from the female form. Witch is also unisex now. Case in point: men accused during the Salem trials were just called witches. I'm not a native speaker, but it looks like buidseach is a neutral/masculine terms already.


That's actually kind of the problem. If you have a sorcerer who casts magic spells, and sorceress who casts magic spells, and a monster slayer with swords who mostly doesn't cast magic spells, you can't just call them all "witch" and have it be a meaningful term.

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