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I have 59 crowns in a course before i even start it?

I just started the esperanto course today and before i even began a single lesson i had 59 crowns! How can i reset this? I have already tried resetting progress and removing and then re-adding the course but i still have 59 crowns. Any help, please!

February 10, 2020



Your Esperanto course had tree updates.

Staff changed that system that you do not lose total course crowns with tree updates.

Try to reset your course/language progress here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/reset_lang

Maybe this will also reset the (59) total course crowns which you have collected from your old course.


Yeah, I do remember some course updates coming in.

I had tried to reset the course/language process but no difference.

Thanks anyways.


Did you choose the "Test out" or the "starting from the absolute beginning" when you first started the language on Duolingo? Because if you did the "Test out", thats the explanation for it.


nope, apparently he has a bunch of lessons completed at level 5 before he started the course. https://duome.eu/Michael3337/en/eo

Looks like a reportable bug to me.

p.s I suggest moving this topic to Troubleshooting and additionally submitting a report - guidance here


I had started the course a while back but decided to completely restart it. Dunno what's wrong. :(


I started from the beginning.


Apparently, you used the Duolingo Pillow. I would nonetheless file a complaint you were not given credit for completion of entire course. http://pillow.duolingo.com/

BTW, buy one of the pillows and see what happens...


is it part of their april fools merchandise, just like a subscription to passive agressive duo notifications?


It is for real. I bought the Spanish pillow last night and now I am fluent.


I get a stronger feeling of accomplishment when learning something conciously, so I'll stick to previously purchased professional service of a giant owl that comes to my place to beat me with a whip every time I miss my studies. (I have to admit sometimes I do it on purpose and the owl should have realised it by now, thanks god it never kink shames me)


Now let's hope, THE OWL doesn't read the forums ...


I've ordered the French and the Japanese one and have applied as a contributer for a French from Japanese course.

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