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  5. "The fish is in the lake."

"The fish is in the lake."

Translation:Tha an t-iasg anns an loch.

February 10, 2020



I'm still a little confused about when to use "anns" vs "ann".


As far as I understand, "anns an" is used instead of "ann an" when a definite article follows. Compare and contrast:

  • ann an taigh: in a house
  • anns an taigh: in the house


Thank you very much !


Perhaps it's a dialect issue, but I'm not sure when to use iasg and when to use eisg. Where I am "The fish is in the lake" is a sentence that could be used to mean fish singular and fish plural. We wouldn't say "The fishes are in the lake". Is there some way for me to know which they are looking for here? Is it said differently everywhere else?


"The fish is in the lake" can only be singular. You are thinking of "The fish ARE in the lake"


The fish is would be singular. The fish are would be plural. The fishes are is also correct, but not common.

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