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  5. "Chan eil na radain eagalach."

"Chan eil na radain eagalach."

Translation:The rats are not scary.

February 10, 2020



I thought "eagalach" means frightened or scared not scary


The gaelic for "I'm scared" is "tha an t-eagal orm" which translates to something like "the scare is on me". So eagal/eagalach is part of both being scared and being scary.


I thought radain is the genitive singular and the plural was na radanan?


Colin B.D. Mark gives only radain for both gen​.sg. and nom​.pl.

Indeed both Am Faclair Beag and Dwelly give radanan as the plural.

But then in Corpas na Gàidhlig DASG (corpus consisting of many literary works in Gaelic from 17th–21st centuries) has only one instance of na radanan and multiple of na radain. And AFB and Dwelly contradict themselves by giving examples of plural na radain (example in AFB, example in Dwelly). Dwelly also has one example of plural radan.

So in general I’d stick to radain since every dictionary seems to confirm it, and remember that radanan might be a rarer alternative.


Have you read James Herbert?

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