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Really Liking the “No Translation” Type of Exercises

The French course has exercises where both the questions and the multiple choice answers are in French. I really like this format but I have not seen it used yet in any of my other courses.

The nice thing about this approach is that it doesn’t rely on translating anything to English.

Translation has its place in language learning to get some basic vocabulary down. But I think you learn more by intuiting the meanings of words from their context. This type of exercise really builds on that method.

February 10, 2020



'" But I think you learn more by intuiting the meanings of words from their context".'

Good point. That's why I think reading comic strips is such a great way of starting to read a language. You can learn new words and sentence structures by working out what they mean from the context, supported by the drawings.


Haven't heard this idea before, thanks!


Will the comic strips incorporate a lot of colloquialisms and slang words that we rarely learn on Duolingo, thus confusing us a bit? (Genuine question - not a snub) Also what are some French comic strips you might recommend that could help? Thank you.


I agree. I'm building quite a stack of French comic books. Tintin, moebius, asterix, etc.


I'm going to do this now! Any idea where you can find comics in German??


It's an experiment on the French course, they're trying to make a better experience and not rely on another language. If it works, they're supposed to make such exercises in other courses. Search for "making duolingo" and look at the article about their 2020 goals, it has it all explained.


Here's the article you mentioned. I'm actually really excited about this, I think it would be a great addition.


Just read it and im very excited about the upcoming changes. I hope they make their way into the spanish course soon


I agree except there should be at the very least an option to see the translation somewhere either after confirming your answer or going to the comments. I've been very frustrated with some of those


Yes I have sometimes had to look up the English translation. But it’s more fun to figure it out from the other words. Or (to really “geek out“) by figuring it out using similar words from Spanish or Latin.


Same, because if you don't get it perfect you have no idea what was right or wrong.


they should within the answer I'd assume... I can see it might take someone a lot longer to go thru a practice if they have to stop & figure out the translation to answer it.


This is awesome!! Is this just on the mobile app currently, or further down the tree? I'm just starting out in French but I love this concept and so glad I picked the right language, lol!



They might be just in the newly added topics. I finished the French tree without these types or exercises, but then I found them in the new topics.


Awesome! I love Duolingo its not perfect but its free and they keep improving it (besides hearts)


WOW that's awesome that can really help boost your learning!

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