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  5. "wejSaD ben boghpu' novvam."

"wejSaD ben boghpu' novvam."

Translation:This alien was born three thousand years ago.

February 10, 2020



From what I've seen in this course there is a pretty consistent relationship between using the -pu' suffix and getting a translation that uses "has been", "had been" or "will have been". While it seems that this translation is perfectly reasonable, a student who uses this course as their primary means for studying tlhIngan Hol might be confused. Worth a thought anyway. :)


You are absolutely correct. The reason they do this is because Okrand himself used the sentence loSmaH ben jIboghpu' I was born forty years ago. They allow this without explanation or justification.

The real reason is, of course, that -pu' is not a perfect tense; it is perfective aspect, which is a different concept. It indicates that the action described is completed. It does not indicate that the action described happened "before" anything. Most of the time, a verb that is not marked as completed or continuous is specifically neither completed nor continuous.

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